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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bharat Bandh: Closure for whom?

Do we need to say that we don't support a Bandh?

The Opposition has called for a nationwide bandh on Nov 28, 2016 to protest against Demonetisation under the garb that it is trying to protect the interests of the common man. 

In principle, the majority of us do support the Demonetisation drive. The small percentage that disagree, do so because of primarily two reasons. One, that they do not trust the motive behind this cleanup process and secondly, they find the execution of the plan very messy. 

Let us ponder over the issues. The Government had in its agenda promised to fight black money. We had taken it for granted that it was an uphill and improbable task which would never be accomplished and would die down till the next general elections. But, just midway into its term, the Govt has shown nerves of steel and proved most of us wrong. "But what about the the stores of money stashed abroad?", we wonder aloud. That too, doesn't seem to be a distant dream. Come 2019, Swiss banks have promised to share invaluable data with the Indian Govt. 
Do we still distrust the Govt? 

When we revamp or clean our homes, isn't there a mess? Don't we get irritated at the temporary inconvenience? But, we look forward to the days ahead and silently bear the trauma. Here, we are not looking at days, but years forward. Do I need to say anything more? 

The common man has never supported a bandh because it always has been a loss to him and his country. In such times when trades are trying to claw their way back, this call could just set them back yet again. Bandhs have always been called to gain political mileage. Let's carry on with our schedules and select another day to holiday and party. Nay I say more? 

- A simplistic reasoning from the desk of a common man….