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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Ford: Lies, lies and more lies.

Possessing a Ford vehicle is a luxury. I always knew it and have experienced it many times before, but this recent incident has jolted me to the extent that I have to forewarn all prospective buyers of Ford.
The after sales service of Ford has nosedived. The service centre in town, Shaman has stopped servicing Ford probably because Volkswagen is more lucrative. The next best option seemed Wasan Ford. Though it is quite far for town residents, I had no option but to bank on it. Thus starts my journey passing me through lies, lies and more lies.
On phonic enquiry, I was told that I would be provided a pick up and drop of my car. However, since I had to get some check ups done, it would be preferable if I visit the centre, I was told.

Met Mr Imtiyaz Ali, the advisor. Still haven't figured out whether the advice given to me by him was true or not. He very politely declined the possibility of drop of my car after servicing. 1st lie. Reason cited was that I was first time customer. But the actual reason seemed that the cost incurred to me including the service and repairs was not good enough to merit a drop. After much requesting, the drop was agreed upon.

I was taken for a test drive and after a close inspection of my vehicle, given an estimate which I agreed upon. Next day I get a call and am told about further problems and the urgency to get them corrected as well. I had no option but to agree to the repairs. The initial estimate of 6711 straight jumped to 25641.
2 nd lie. My question is: why weren't the other problems pointed out earlier? Also, if I had to be told about them on phone, what was the big advantage of my going there personally to the centre?
Very soon, I got another setback. The part I was told had to be got from Chennai and would take 4 days to procure. I had again no choice. After 2 days when I called to confirm the delivery date, I was told that the car was already ready. In just 2 days. 3 rd lie.
I was promised delivery immediately since the car was ready. But suddenly it seemed the driver was occupied and busy. So it was scheduled for the next day. 4th lie.
Finally the car was delivered. And now comes the icing on the cake. Inspite of my specific instructions, I was not issued a cash receipt. 5th lie.
And last but not the least. When I asked for the receipt, I was promised that it would be scanned to me the same day. It's 11 pm now and the day almost over. I'm still waiting for it. I guess I would have to accept it as the 6 th lie.
Thanks Imtiyaz for all your cooperation.

I haven't said anywhere that I have been cheated but after so many lies and broken promises, have I left anything to the imagination???


  1. Don't blame Ford dealers, even the President is useless. Even after addressing my issues to the president's desk at there hasn't been a satisfactory response forget resolution.
    My advice: Don't buy a Ford.

    1. Hi,

      I understand your pain..Iam planning to go for fiesta classic tdci.Iam controlling myself to stay away from the ford car,but their ride quality is not leaving me and its haunting me every nite and day.if so many negatives on ford classic why we have so many cars of ford?
      please advice how to choose ford cars

  2. Here I would like to share my worst experience with Ford India company....