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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nautanki Saala - A superb Nautanki

Nautanki Saala reminds us of that very famous Big B dialogue from Sholay - "Nautanki Saala. Ghadi Ghadi drama karta hain". Directed by Rohan Sippy, son of Ramesh Sippy of Sholay fame.
AB junior does have a cameo here too. That's about it as regards the similarity between the two movies.
This film is all about real life dramatization of the stage characters of the legendary Ram Leela plays.
Ayushmann Khurana, a Drama artist and director, acts a Good Samaritan and saves the life of a good for nothing, Kunal Roy Kapur. Both their lives get entwined hereafter.
The humor is not crass and forced unlike the slapstick comedies these days. The plot and dialogues leave you in splits. The music is terrific with an excellent background score. What else would you expect from a Bhushan Kumar production!
The female leads are new faces. Passable. Performances from the male stars as well as the script are the scene stealers. Khurana seems a very versatile talent and should be hot property very soon.

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