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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Save our souls: The PR stunt

Just a thought lingering in my mind since yesterday. 

Who is the most popular figure person in the Muslim Bohra community? 
Is there an iota of a doubt about that? 

Who is the most popular figure person in the Non- Bohra Muslim Community? 
With just a little doubt, Salman Khan. 

Isn't it too much of a coincidence that Mr Narendra Modi has met both these personalities within a span of 15 days. 

His intentions are crystal clear. Aren't they? 

The elections are looming large. With just a couple of strong contenders for the most coveted PM position, Mr Modi has come up with this brilliant PR stunt. 

Kudos to APCO, the PR consultancy handling his histrionics. 

At the face of it, no public figure would endorse a political party unless he or she is overtly associated with it. Thus, these seemingly evident encounters, would help NaMo to gain lost ground amongst the Muslims. 

The ball is now in our court. Whether to elect a person out of choice or out of compulsion. 


  1. totally agree with you.

  2. Dr. Shabbir bhai, I've already read few of your blogs, bit this one is slightly irrelevant I find. As you know our community is among the well educated ones. We have our own opinions and logics. We choose our leaders wisely.