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Monday, February 04, 2013

Mac Halal

The Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust (MJCHT) has reiterated that there is no truth to emails currently circulated stating that McDonalds South Africa was not halaal. According to the latest hoax email doing the rounds, a study into the McDonalds ingredients in the Kitchen Office in Florida, United States has shown positive evidence of pork materials called "LM10", used in the McDonalds mayo. The warning stated that South African McDonalds officials have confirmed that all sauce based ingredients are imported from the US.

“Consumers are advised to abstain from McDonalds. The MJC and IQSA has also withdrawn certification countrywide,” the email read. In a statement issued to VOC on Friday, MJCHT spokesperson Sheikh Moosa Titus said the sauces for the South African outlets are imported from the UK and are fully halaal compliant. He reconfirmed that McDonalds South Africa was certified by the MJCHT and are fully halaal. “The latest email is bogus information and bereft from any truth. The public should dismiss it with disdain,” he said.

All the suppliers and ingredients used in the products listed on the McDonald’s menu are halaal. The McDonalds’ stores are on a continuous basis supervised both internally and externally. “No McDonald’s store is allowed to purchase raw materials or products elsewhere as all the stores are supplied from halaal certified central distribution centres that are certified by the MJC’s Halaal Trust. Should any McDonald’s store require any additional stock, they are required to place an emergency order and a special delivery will be done from the distribution centre,” Titus explained.

He emphasized that Muslims should not be circulating these types of emails unless they had confirmation from the body. The ulema body’s protocol on public announcements is to write the notice on its official MJC Halaal Trust letter head and would be endorsed with the signature of a senior MJC halaal trustee. If the message is to be conveyed via email, the original copy will be scanned and it will be sent in a PDF form.

“Official announcements are in most cases delivered via the mosque boards, printed media or community radio stations. No such message was ever disseminated by the MJC Halaal Trust.” VOC (Tasneem Adams)!msg/kozhichena/OOWj-UuY4T0/tHbciBdCxH8J

The Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust hereby informs the community that the McDonald brand and all outlets are under the jurisdiction of the MJCHT and certified halaal.

The recent concern raised by the community is based on an email which was circulated 2 years ago and does not apply.

We therefore request the community to refrain from circulating any such outdated emails as this creates unnecessary confusion and doubt. We would appreciate it if prior to the dissemination of emails to groups, information contained be verified and confirmed as factual.



  1. As a strict tablegi muslim i was advised to abstain from McD products.and have not visited or tasted any McD products in last one year.

  2. Helpful and informative...its the knee jerk reaction to such mails which is disturbing. We should verify the authenticity and then decide on the plan of action.