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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Special 26: Something special about it

As always, the tried and tested does work. Neeraj Pandey as expected, does what he does best. A suspense thriller based on real life incidents which took place in the 80s.
Akki, Anupam Kher and their associates are con men who specialise in posing as CBI officers and rob politicians and businessmen of their hard earned black money. But this time they have their task cut out. They have to get past the real cops in Jimmy Shergill and Manoj Bajpai.
Performances of the male leads are decent. However, It is the story and screenplay that take the cake. The mandatory songs could have been done away with. They slacken the pace of the movie in the first half. The climax however makes up for the minor glitches.
And as Kher correctly says. "Listen to your heart".
Go for this film.